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Peru Overview

What was once home of the Inca Empire, is now a country that offers so many enjoyable treats that is worth to think about planing a customized guided expedition. Peru offers sights and sounds not found anywhere else in the world. See for yourself the wonders of Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and Cusco. Visit the capital city of Lima, take a luxury cruise through the Amazon Jungle or wonder around Lake Titicaca.

Welcome to Peru

Peru, located on the western coast of South America is home to many enchanting travel opportunities. Once home to the Inca Empire and later the Spanish conquistadors, Peru provides awe inspiring sight and sounds around every corner. Let us customize a perfect vacation for you and your family.

Travel to Peru in a truly luxurious fashion! is a branch of EQ touring that provides first class tours across this enchanting country. Whether it’s a historical tour through Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley or a luxury cruise down the mighty Amazon, we can customize a tailor made tour that you will never forget.

Luxury Expeditions

Our Peru luxury expeditions provide our guests with unparalleled experiences each day of their tour.

We use only first class and luxury hotels, the highest level experienced guides and custom designed tours in order to fulfill the expectations of our guests. Please contact us to begin planning your perfect Inca expedition.

Amazon Cruises

Experience the Peruvian Amazon in a truly luxurious fashion. We provide cruises that allow our guests new discoveries around every bend. Explore remote areas of this beautiful jungle by skiff and by foot with our guided excursions or just sit back and relax watching the changes take place before you. Your custom Amazon cruise is waiting; contact us today to begin planning your next adventure.


Four and five star hotels
for our guests in Lima, Cusco, Urubamba Valley,
Machu Picchu and
Titicaca Lake.