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Delfin Amazon Luxury Cruises

Delfin Amazon Cruises is the pioneer upscale river cruise operator in the Amazon and will take you through a magical journey of discovery.

Launched in early 2006 by its founder and CEO Aldo Macchiavello, a former senior banker with 25 years experience in the financial sector, the company is the culmination of a dream shared by his wife Lissy: to run a boutique travel business in their amazing country, Peru.

Our Luxury Vessels

Delfín I

Our new refurbished Delfin I will be the epitome of privacy that will allow you to enjoy the most personalized service and setting in the most mysterious and exotic environment.

Delfín II

Delfin II has fourteen large guest suites with 180ª panoramic windows providing all comforts, yet preserving the spirit of casual and refined elegance.


At Delfin Amazon Cruises we have a long term commitment with the Amazon and with all our world traveler's guests. We consider that from the minute you set foot on Iquitos until you depart back home, you deserve top quality services.

Ports of Embarkation

We have two Ports of Embarkation, one located in Iquitos City from where we serve our river cruises and our VIP Lounge & Restaurant "Al Frio y Al Fuego".

We will take you from there in our unique jungle river boats. The other one, in the city of Nauta, 1 1/2 hour drive from Iquitos Airport where we serve only our river cruises operation.

Restaurant "Al Frío y al Fuego"

This is the most unique restaurant in Perú, it is floating in the middle of the Itaya River, just (5) minutes away from the main city of Iquitos.

Built with elegant and yet casual style, using ancient Amazonian techniques and exotic woods, you will find that you have travel to an amazing destiny.

The wild choice of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions, have created a delicious Amazon Creole Cuisine that we proudly serve to our distinguish guests.